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Envision Event 2021 – Visioning & How to Get. It. Done.

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In this 15 minute visualization, I'll guide you into clarity about the 2021 YOU want. Then, I'll pull back the curtain and share with you my system for getting things done, in between all the time I spend being a mom, a wife, and a yoga teacher. It's a super simple way to stay on your most meaningful path, no matter how busy life gets. Take 20 minutes to make sure you're going to do 2021 different.

  • Pelvic Floor Disorders with Dr. Mellano, UCLA

Zoom with an Expert – Pregnancy in the Time of Covid

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Covid has changed so much - let's talk about pregnancy, labor, & postpartum with OB/Gyn Revana Lukman from UCLA. She'll answer questions like What happens if I develop Covid-19 while I'm pregnant? and How has Covid-19 changed prenatal visits, labor and delivery care, and postpartum care? Plus hear from doulas about what it's like supporting mamas in Covid times.

  • Pelvic Floor Disorders with Dr. Mellano, UCLA

Zoom with an Expert – Pelvic Floor Disorders

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Pelvic floor issues don't get the attention they deserve, but they are super common. Yet there are things you can to do prevent and treat leakage, prolapse, and tightness. Pelvic Floor expert Physical Therapist Whitney Sippl provides tips for pregnant mamas and new moms for keeping pelvic floor happy.

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