sciatica so much better

Thank you so much for recommending me to take Melanie's and Rachel's classes . Learning so much from them and my sciatica pain is so much better since I started taking prenatal classes.  Thank you so much🙏  

sciatica so much better2020-11-30T07:28:44-08:00

Bringing life and richness to child’s pose

! I feel the full benefits of child's pose tends to be missed due to lack of or minimal instructions given. So often I hear "just get into child's pose". Thank you so much for bringing life and richness to child's pose with your instructions shared. I am finding as I share yoga, that the use of the sacred steps are becoming easier,

Bringing life and richness to child’s pose2020-12-22T13:06:07-08:00

Eye opening

I had an incredible private session yesterday with a Mom and Dad expecting their first child. It’s been eye opening using the fresh knowledge you’ve given me to steer the course of their session. From his feet and lumbar issues to her ever-expanding body, I’ve been able to give them 60min of expanding into their true potential. forever grateful,

Eye opening2020-12-22T13:06:20-08:00

Above and Beyond

This training felt like it went above and beyond. There is way more to prenatal yoga than just the do’s and don’ts. Jessica is an amazing instructor that has put a lot of thought and care into the program. I’m confident that I’ll be a wonderful prenatal instructor upon completion of the program.

Above and Beyond2020-12-22T13:06:33-08:00


"These are topics you don’t really talk about with people who aren’t postpartum or teaching it. It’s a very specific time in your life and it was good able to reconnect and get back those feelings. It was so nice to be in that space, to feel supported and remember we’re not alone."



I loved all of the information offered in this course! It reminded me what impact we can have as Mamas and having the necessary tools and resources is so important.


Never felt so confident

The training is incredibly well structured, with a wealth of tools and wisdom to be shared. Plus Jessica will answer all of your questions and then some. I took a hiatus from teaching before this training and was hoping to feel empowered to teach again. After 6 sessions with Jessica I am already back to it with ease and excitement. I loved the

Never felt so confident2020-12-22T13:07:28-08:00

Reignited my love of yoga

I must say I am loving the course with you. You are an amazing teacher and mentor and I am so grateful you were brought in my life. I thought I would just learn about pregnancy yoga, but instead I have deepened my own practice and reignited my love of yoga.

Reignited my love of yoga2020-10-18T16:17:28-07:00

Light bulbs

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I am enjoying your training.  It is quite different than what I'm used to (aside from the prenatal aspect). I love learning these sacred steps and how they apply to EVERY practice and EVERY "body." It's wild how I've reinvented a few teaching language areas to help serve my students.  Light

Light bulbs2020-10-18T16:32:09-07:00

I took the free class with Viviana on Wednesday and it was great so I am really excited to continue the practice. I am 13 weeks pregnant now and because this is my first pregnancy, I want to make sure I am as healthy as possible for myself and the baby. I am really looking forward to the class! I felt really supported


the best advice

Linda is an amazing prenatal yoga teacher, but also a very warm and kind person. Her prenatal class is my favorite. I have less time as this is my third pregnancy, but I attended her class more often for my first and second pregnancies and it was such a big help. She gives the best advice!

the best advice2020-07-10T22:55:36-07:00

Rachelle was my savior

During my pregnancy Rachelle was my savior! Not only was her class encouraging, but it was also very comforting. She assured me that all of my feelings were natural and ok. She pushed me to be my best and always praised my efforts. It was my first baby, and my first time doing yoga. I hated missing a class and looked forward to

Rachelle was my savior2020-11-30T07:30:39-08:00

Two thumbs up

Linda's teaching style, charisma, humor, and vibe have made my Thursdays into "Yoga Thursdays". Linda makes everyone feel like family and her conversations are always inclusive which is a major plus in my book. Oh and she adores every baby she comes into contact with. I love listening to Linda's stories be it yoga related, her journey through motherhood, or any other miscellaneous

Two thumbs up2020-07-27T19:33:21-07:00

Looked forward to this time

Once my little one arrived, I started going to Linda's Thursday morning class. I looked forward to this time each week to get to talk to other moms going through the same things I was. And it was great to get some gentle exercise to start getting used to my post-pregnancy body. Linda was always very encouraging, and tailored each class to the

Looked forward to this time2020-07-27T19:31:17-07:00

learned so much about healthy pregnancy

Rachelle's prenatal yoga class saved my sanity in my third trimester. I didn't start prenatal yoga until I was around 7 months pregnant, and by the time I met Rachelle I was in dire need of self care. The class allowed me to carve out time to focus on my own wellbeing as well as my baby's. I learned so much about healthy

learned so much about healthy pregnancy2020-07-27T19:36:00-07:00

Beams with warmth

Rachelle is so knowledgeable and welcoming and I am so thrilled my sister told me about this gem! Rachelle beams warmth and passion for what she does. She's an incredible resource and she's very attentive to everyone's movement within the class. I'm very excited that I found Rachelle and this class so early in my pregnancy so that I can make it a

Beams with warmth2020-07-27T19:32:31-07:00

I loved my session

Had a really nice session with Linda – she gave me tips that will change my practice forever and she honestly loves yoga and seems to want to genuinely and generously help her students.

I loved my session2020-07-10T22:47:50-07:00

Incredible Instructor!

Rachelle is an INCREDIBLE instructor! I would not have gotten through my pregnancy without her.

Incredible Instructor!2020-07-10T22:46:36-07:00
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