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  • Pregnancy Yoga

Finding Community Through Pregnancy Yoga

My experience with pregnancy yoga went way beyond the physical. I found myself transforming from a very self-centered person to an open book ready to receive all the love and support from my new community...

Finding Community Through Pregnancy Yoga2020-07-16T14:18:25-07:00
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

My Ma Yoga Teacher Training Experience

While my family and I were living on the small island of Bermuda, I completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Italy in August 2016. Completing my training made me realize this was just the start of a journey and there was so much more to learn and develop. As a highly knowledgeable and experienced school teacher, I had to leave my ego aside, leave my comfort zone, and not listen to the doubts and fears about not being good enough to teach yoga...

My Ma Yoga Teacher Training Experience2020-07-16T20:54:44-07:00
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