Why do Prenatal and Mom Yoga?

ma Yoga prenatal yoga class Rachelle LuczynskiMa Yoga is a unique, alignment-based method of Prenatal, Mom and Mom and Baby Yoga that helps women make space, stay strong, relieve aches and pains, and carry baby easily – inside and out.

In our live online and recorded prenatal, mom and mom and baby yoga classes, expertly trained doula and Certified Ma Yoga Teachers guide mamas through simple but transformative actions you do take INSIDE the poses.

You’ll relieve pain and tension, ground your energy, and make space so your breath, thoughts, and creativity can flow easily.

You’ll begin to step into the best parts of the “Ma” you’re becoming.

In Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga, you’ll strengthen your muscles and safely tone your core so you can carry baby and keep your joints stable.

You’ll learn to you breathe through intense sensation, and use different breath techniques for labor.

And with Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga you’ll be part of a global nurturing community that will be there for you for the whole journey to motherhood and beyond!

In Mom and Mom and Baby Yoga, you’ll heal your body postpartum, reconnect your core, and build your body back better than ever.

You’ll release tense muscles from breastfeeding and bending over baby, and learn simple ways to let go of pain and tension so you can sleep more deeply.

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Andrea doing Mom and Baby Yoga online - Ma Yoga Living The journey to motherhood and beyond is so much more than challenges and limitations, do’s and don’ts.

At Ma Yoga, we see this time as a rare opportunity to slow down, listen in, and learn to deeply take care of yourself.

That’s where the “Ma” comes from. In just about every language, it means “mother”.

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, it also means the highest, most powerful and wise.

When we learn to mother ourselves, we become the “Ma” we want to be.

Incorporating Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga into your busy day can be the difference between feeling disconnected, depleted, and down, vs. connected, energized and excited about your life – as both a mom and a fulfilled, empowered woman.

Prenatal/Mom and Baby Yoga benefits

What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga is one of the few exercises that doctors recommend to start when pregnant (along with walking, which we highly recommend).

Prenatal yoga helps:

  • reduce high blood pressure

  • reduce stress, one of the major risk factors for preterm birth and other negative birth outcomes

  • reduce common pregnancy-related aches and pains such as shoulder, wrist, and back

  • you create a support network that can continue to nurture you into motherhood

  • you learn meditation, breathing, and alignment practices that can improve your ability to face the challenges of this time

  • you access a birth support community so you can get help with issues as they arise
  • you connect with your baby and your body in a consistently loving way
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why mom and baby yoga is so important - self care, connection, support

What are the Benefits of Mom and Baby Yoga?

Mom and Baby Yoga means you have the option to be doing yoga with baby, or letting baby enjoy life without you. It helps you heal from the trauma of birth. It reconnects you to your core so you can begin to “weave” your abdominals back together again. And it releases tension, aches and pains and stress so you can enjoy this exciting time with your new baby!

Mom and Baby Yoga provides you with:

  • ways to quickly re-vitalize when you are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed

  • simple alignment actions to take to help relieve your own shoulder, neck, and back pain
  • an opportunity to connect with other new moms when you need advice or a listening ear, as well as breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle educators in our Community Forum
  • a chance to teach good self-care to your loved ones
  • a pathway to your “Ma” Self – the highest, most powerful, wise and loving version of you.

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What our Mamas love about Ma Yoga® Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga:

“I just wanted to drop you a line and express my gratitude for the confidence you’ve inspired in me as I approach labor. Your class was like a lifeline, with your words of wisdom echoing through me as I approach the big day and beyond!”
Angie W.
“Prenatal yoga helped a lot with the normal aches and pains of pregnancy. I felt myself getting stronger and overall feeling much better each time I went. It was also very soothing for my nerves and helped me deal with the general stress of being pregnant.”
Kristin L.
“Thank you for all the great classes, it was really excellent to feel strong and confident throughout pregnancy, knowing that I could make it through an intense yoga class kept me from being afraid to exercise and really use my body the whole way through.”
Liza C.

What Makes Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga Different?

While it’s our highest priority to keep mom and baby safe, we believe pregnancy is also a time when you need your strength – inner and outer.

You’ll be carrying a bowling ball in your belly for months – and then you’ll carry a bigger bowling ball in your arms – plus bags and a car seat.

Because Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga is alignment-based, we can help you stay strong safely.

Instead of trying to “get poses right”, you’ll focus on what you’re doing inside the pose. Are you moving toward the natural curves of your spine? Are you stabilizing your joints before you stretch? Are you opening your heart center so you can breathe fully?

When you do these simple actions – called the Five Sacred Steps – you’ll discover a stability and a power that will allow you to relax and make space for baby.

Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga is about nurturing yourself, and allowing yourself to be nurtured.

We see nurturing energy as a doorway to your highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

What Makes Ma Yoga® Mom & Mom and Baby Yoga Different?

Once you’re a mom, Ma Yoga® Mom and Baby classes will help you reconnect to our core, “weaving” your abdominals back together and reminding your muscles what direction they want to go in.

Many moms experience diastisis recti to some degree – a wider splitting of the abdominal wall than usual This CAN be treated with well-trained teachers – but it can also get worse without specifically addressing alignment actions in the poses. In Ma Yoga you’ll learn to breathe in a way that tones your core with each exhale, and keeps you calm and grounded through all the craziness. Mom and baby yoga free in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room

When is it safe to start Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga or Mom and Baby Yoga?

The sooner your try your first free Ma Yoga class, the easier it will be! Learning about optimal alignment for pregnancy before baby’s big can help you avoid the pitfalls created by all the instability and changes.

As a new mom, as soon as your healthcare provider gives you the ok to exercise, come on back for Mom and Baby Yoga. Baby will be thrilled (some of the time) to lie there while you move and breathe, and on Zoom you’re on mute so stopping to hold, change, feed or just play with baby is all good.

Ma Yoga is so uplifting, and feels so good, that many women continue with us because after all, the “Ma” in Ma Yoga is about YOU learning to nurture YOU.

Wherever you are on your journey (and if you’re not on the motherhood path join us for Ma Yoga for Anyone) – we can’t wait to see you in the Ma Yoga Living Room!

Ma Yoga Living Prenatal, Mom & Mom and Baby Yoga Classes live online

But what if I’ve never done yoga, I’m not in shape, and I’m not flexible?

Ma Yoga Living is an evolutionary community of prenatal and mom and baby yoga teachers, birth experts and healthy lifestyle professionals. 

We don’t believe there’s a right way to give birth, or to be a mom.

We don’t see ourselves as “done”, or “there”, or “perfect” – and we don’t expect you to be.

We are all working to make ourselves, and our lives, more about what truly matters to us.

Having a nurturing container to do it in allows it to actually happen. Like a caterpillar needs a crysalis to become a butterfly, being held and embraced as we grow allows us to put the energy of the whole group behind our intentions.

We are a community that stands for each other’s greatness. We honor you no matter your body size, color, shape, experience, sexuality or place in the journey.

We honor you for just showing up. When you feel yourself being honored, and you begin to truly honor yourself, you will lift up those you love, inspire those you come in contact with, and together we will shift our whole culture toward connection.

We are excited to support you on your journey of self-discovery and help you become your highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

“Each time women gather in circles together, the world heals a little more.”

– Anonymous

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