The Yoga of Birth Class Online

Join us for The Yoga of Birth: a Live, Comprehensive No-Slant Birth Class Online

The Yoga of Birth means:

  • Having the knowledge you need to access your own inner wisdom

  • Being able to stay connected to your power no matter what arises

  • Feeling supported, nurtured and guided every step of the way

The Yoga of Birth: the most comprehensive online birth class available

May be taken alone, or to fulfill the birth education requirement for Ma Yoga®/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification.

Six live sessions on Zoom

If you can’t be there live, video will be available within 24 hours.

The Yoga of Birth Class Online is taught by two doulas who have been at hundreds of births.

pregnant mamas in the live course before The Yoga of Birth Class Online - In this supportive 6-week online course, you will be guided by two highly experienced birth and postpartum doulas, as well as Certified Ma Yoga teachers, through labor and beyond.

In addition to finding confidence and calm, relieving pre-birth jitters and clarifying exactly what YOU want, you’ll have all the tools you need to great an empowering, beautiful birth experience.

You’ll connect to both inner and outer strength so you’re ready for anything, and so you can fully meet each choice and challenge.

We all need support, guidance and inspiration, beyond the usual facts we get in a standard birth class.

Enjoy the fullest preparation possible in the comfort of your own living room!

Become the “Ma” you want to be, in the way you want to.

Yoga of Birth Class Online original teacher Lauren Horn - prepping for labor Through the lens of yoga, this journey offers incredible opportunities for growth in the areas of self-connection, presence, embodiment, relationships, and letting go.

What you’ll learn in The Yoga of Birth Class Online:

  • The stages of labor, hospital lingo and what it means, and what to expect each step of the way
  • How to have the birth YOU want by making choices that are right for you: including locations, your support team, interventions and ways to ease the pain, and who’s in the room
  • Practices and poses to decrease fear and stress during labor and step into your power
  • Mudras, meditations, and breath practices to prepare
  • Preeclampsia, Gestational Diabetes and other common conditions and how to use yoga to address them
  • Yoga for postpartum healing
  • all in a nurturing environment personalized for where YOU are and what YOU need! 

“This program is so empowering for all women, not just those that are pregnant but also for those who are supporting moms-to-be. I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the prenatal realm and/or are pregnant themselves; the content is so abundant and so awesome! I learned such valuable information by such educated and experienced ladies that I cannot wait to implement not only in my upcoming birth of my first child but also in my teaching. High five to this program :)”

Mandy M.

Meet Your Instructors

Melanie Wachsman, birth & postpartum doula, Lactation Educator - The Yoga of Birth Class Online teacher

Melanie Wachsman

As a doula I am committed to helping moms-to-be experience the birth they envision. I am excited to share with you the tools I use, whether mom expresses a desire for meditation or medication.

After volunteering for two years in the Labor and Delivery Department at Cedars-Sinai, I understand hospital policies and work within them to advocate for a delivery that aligns with the desires of mom-to-be.

Yoga is another important tool I use to help moms achieve their birthing and postpartum goals. I am a Certified Ma Yoga® /RPYT Instructor, and have additional certifications in breath work, pre/postnatal nutrition, hypnobirthing and lactation.

As a postpartum doula I also help moms with successful breastfeeding, connective bonding with baby, and management of daily life in this new and challenging phase. All of the postpartum benefits will also be infused with support in self care.

Nurturing self-care is at the core of Ma Yoga Living.

It is an honor to be sharing the Ma birth journey with you.

Read more about Melanie at

Blessings, Melanie

Get a quick yoga tip from Melanie

Rachelle Luczynski

Rachelle Lucynski, birth & postpartum doula - The Yoga of Birth Class Online teacher

In 2003 I started teaching prenatal yoga, and I’ve been passionate about it ever since. I became a birth doula and then a postpartum doula, and I like to think of my prenatal yoga class as therapeutic labor prep. Everything we do is usable during labor, and afterward as a mom. In addition to Mom and Baby yoga, moms need these practices to heal, calm their nerves and energize.

I love to create a safe space for us to empty our basket and empower, educate, and share with each other about pregnancy, yoga, resources, motherhood, our bodies and labor. In our online course we support moms-to-be and those who nurture them by playing, learning, and growing together.

Ma Yoga’s principles and practices help women find their deeper truth along the way, and receive both inner and outer support. I’m excited to share these sacred steps with you!

with love,


Get a quick yoga tip from Rachelle

I loved all of the information offered in this course! It reminded me what impact we can have as Mamas and having the necessary tools and resources is so important.
Kellie J
prenatal yoga teacher training yoga of birth

I would absolutely recommend this class for anyone who has pregnant students or clients. It’s not just how to apply philosophy and asana, it’s a lot about how to get the conversations going and create community.

I feel more confident, and more informed and like I’ve been teaching prenatal longer than I have because I’ve been in these classes and these conversations. It’s a wealth of information I can pull from!

Ivy G.
Ivy - Ma Yoga teacher, Yoga of Birth Class Online participant, happy mom

I feel more confident teaching prenatal and knowing I have all the stuff we talked about in the eCoursebook so I can go back and reference each section.

These are topics you don’t really talk about with people who aren’t postpartum or teaching it. It’s a very specific time in your life and it was good able to reconnect and get back those feelings.

It was so nice to be in that space, to feel supported and remember we’re not alone.

Annie K.

What You Get With The Yoga of Birth Class Online:

  • Six live Zoom calls with your private doula teachers - if you can't make it live, you can watch the video

  • Six eCoursebooks to learn from and refer to after

  • Yoga, meditation, and mudra practices to do at home in between classes - plus optional live prenatal yoga classes

  • Access to our private forum birth practitioners, yoga teachers, moms and moms-to-be

  • Free Care Package emails and printable guides for natural remedies and lifestyle routines to help mama before, during and after labor

  • Get "mommy mood" questions answered by Dr. Shosh, Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapist.

Join Us for The Yoga of Birth Class Online! 

Fulfills labor education requirement for Ma Yoga®/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification.


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