Empowering Birth Class

Our online birth class
that will help you: 

  • Knowledge about what to expect during labor and delivery.
  • Understanding regarding your postpartum body and life.
  • Tools to conquer parenting as a team.

Join us for our comprehensive, no-slant, transformative online Birth Prep Class!

STARTS March 12, 2019
Six weekly sessions, online or on the phone
Tuesdays 12:30pm-1:30pm PST

Can’t make it live? The video for each call will be available within 24 hours.

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Your birth story matters.

Ask a Grandma about her birth experience, and chances are she’ll remember details.

Details like…

– Did I ignore that little voice inside, or feel empowered enough to listen to it?

– Did I understand enough of the pro’s and con’s to participate in choices?

Did I feel supported and nurtured throughout because I had prepared a solid birth team?


We believe you can have a beautiful birth, anywhere, any which way.

The question is: what’s right for you?

Whether you’re in a hospital or at home, whether you want a vaginal birth or an epidural in the parking lot, the opportunity is there for you to lay the foundations for an authentic, meaningful experience.

Empowering Birth is all about giving you all the information, practices, and support you’ll need to make choices you’ll love to remember – forever.

Megan with laboring birth class student

In the Empowering Birth Class, you will learn:

  • What does labor & delivery entail?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of all the choices of labor and delivery?
  • How can I incorporate movement, breath, visualization, and other tools to help me cope with labor?
  • How can I involve my partner in my labor experience?
  • How can I discover my own desires and create an individualized birth plan that reflects who I am and what I want?

What People are Saying About Stefanie:

“Stefanie is nothing short of amazing at what she does from pregnancy, to birth and beyond!”

Elissa S.
“Her nursing background makes her even more knowledgeable and put us at ease during the labor and afterward.”
Ashley B.
“With [Stefanie’s] nursing background, she was able to provide assistance to my L&D nurse and explain to us everything that was happening…I was able to make educated decisions about what I wanted as my labor progressed, because of her explanations…she was comforting and encouraging.”
Chelsea B.

What You Get When You Register for the Empowering Birth Course:

  • Six live sessions online (or on your phone) with your Empowering Birth teacher and group of moms-to-be
  • Six eCoursebooks to learn with and use as a reference throughout your journey
  • Practices you can do at home to help you prepare for what’s to come
  • Access to our private Birth Prep Support Group
  • Free participation for you partner
  • Access to videos within 24 hours of the live session, if you miss a session
  • Our downloadable, self-paced course Breastfeeding Essentials: What You Need to Know BEFORE Baby Comes ($75 value)
  • A world-wide community that brings you together with mamas everywhere, so you can receive support and share the ups and downs.

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Total cost for full course is $147 if you register in advance.
Early Bird discount price includes one free session, plus the entire downloadable Breastfeeding Essentials.



Ma Yoga Living online birth class instructors

Meet Your Instructor, Stefanie Castro

Stefanie has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She specialized in Labor & Delivery as a registered nurse at a high-risk hospital, a certified CPR instructor, sleep trainer, Certified 200-hr yoga instructor and Certified Ma Yoga® prenatal yoga instructor.  She loves to educate families during pregnancy, along their labor and delivery and postpartum.

Take a look at Stefanie’s company page, Bumps To Babies, for more info.

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