Empowering Birth Class

Our online birth class
that will help you: 

  • Learn coping skills and comfort measures
    that will give you strength as you move through labor
  • Feel confident in your understanding of birth options
  • Make thoughtful choices around care for yourself and your baby throughout birth and beyond

Join us for our non-judgmental, comprehensive, super fun online Birth Class!

STARTS October 29, 2018
Six weekly sessions, online or on the phone
Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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Your birth story matters.

Ask a Grandma about her birth experience, and chances are she’ll remember all the details.

Mostly how it felt. The three main questions that will matter are did we feel:

  • Isolated and unsupported, or nurtured throughout?
  • confused by all the choices and events, or prepared to make choices that were right for us?
  • disconnected from our power, or like we had access to inner resources we didn’t even know we had? 

Empowering Birth is all about giving you all the information, practices, and support you’ll need to create a memory that will empower you forever.

We don’t believe one way of giving birth is better than another. We know women can have a beautiful birth, anywhere, any way.

Whether you’re in a hospital or at home, whether you want a vaginal birth or an epidural in the parking lot, what matters is that you are preared to respond to whatever happens from your powerful, wise center.

In the Empowering Birth Class, you will learn:

  • Who do I want on my birth team?
  • What’s the right birth place for me and my family?
  • What are my options for before, during and after labor? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What are the most effective coping techniques for me and my partner to practice?
  • How can I prepare for bringing baby home so I can enjoy postpartum more?
  • How will this experience change my body, my emotions, my relationships?
Ma Yoga Living online birth class instructors

Meet Your Instructors, Megan and Marlee

Marlee and Megan Malone-Franklin are a wife-and-wife team who have been working with expecting parents since 2014 as Hero Birth Services.

Marlee has a life-long passion for supporting families. She loves working with parents through birth and those raw, early, new baby days, helping them gain perspective, get the information they need, and tap into their intuition. She loves lighting the way for parents-to-be as well as parents as they navigate their paths – both in person and online.

Marlee works with families as a childbirth educator, birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST).

Megan is a serious planner – she likes to have details about whatever is coming next. So she understands very well the yearning so many expecting parents have for realistic, thorough, and compassionate preparation for the life-changing experience of having a baby. She loves supporting people on their journey into parenthood.


Megan works with families as a childbirth educator, birth doula, and birth story listener.

What You Get With the Empowering Birth Package

  • Six live sessions online (or on your phone) with your Empowering Birth teacher and group of moms-to-be
  • Six eCoursebooks to learn with and use as a reference throughout your journey
  • Practices you can do at home to help prepare you and your partner for what’s to come
  • Access to our private Community Form with our birth and prenatal yoga experts 
  • Free participation for you partner
  • Access to videos within 24 hours of the live session, if you have to miss it

What People are Saying About Megan and Marlee

“Marlee and Megan helped to build the foundation of tools we need to care for our child (and ourselves).”
“We loved our classes with Marlee and Megan – they really made an impact on us.”

Chelsea and Aaron
“Megan and Marlee were warm and welcoming, fostered a great discussion experience, and served as excellent guides and facilitators in our childbirth class.”

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  • Session 1: FEEL SUPPORTED:  Create Your Birth Team
    REGISTER for 10/29
  • Session 2: BE CONFIDENT:  A Road Map through Laborland
    REGISTER for 11/5
  • Session 3: STAY CONNECTED: Labor Breathing, Movement & Other Coping Skills
    REGISTER for 11/12
  • Session 4: EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE: Prepare for the Unexpected
    REGISTER for 11/19
  • Session 5: BE PREPARED FOR POSTPARTUM: What You’ll Need (and Want!) after Birth
    REGISTER for 11/26
  • SESSION 6: CO-CREATE THE BIRTH YOU WANT:  Birth Plan & Intentions Workshop – partners welcome!
    REGISTER for 12/3
Megan with laboring birth class student

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