Meet Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RYPT

Founder, Ma Yoga® and Ma Yoga Living

As a Kinesiologist, a Certified Anusara (alignment-based) yoga teacher, and a Certified Transformational Group Facilitator, I feel so blessed to be able to guide so many mamas and those who support them toward healing, thriving and a life full of possibilities.

I created Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond with a dream of “a Mama Circle in every village in the world.”

When I became pregnant, I felt so lucky to be able to enjoy being pregnant with other women going through the same things.

But when I became a mom, everything changed. I felt depleted and isolated.

It was too hard to get all the way across the city with my baby to see my friends from prenatal yoga, or take a mom and baby class.

What’s worse, my body didn’t heal right from the Cesarean, and I didn’t have anyone helping  me from experience to heal.

Eventually, I got back to my mat and began the process of healing.

I realized that if creating a home practice was hard for me as a yoga teacher, then clearly it’s not enough to provide in-person prenatal yoga classes.

I wanted to help people create a home practice for themselves.

I brought together our community of teachers and together we created Ma Yoga Living, full of amazing video prenatal and mom classes and tons or resources.

Since our yoga is alignment-based, it’s a unique practice that is strengthening, opening and therapeutic.

Once Covid happened, people starting joining us from all over the country, and the world.

Now, when I think of Mama Circles, I think of the “Ma Yoga Zoom Room”: women in their own living room, wearing whatever they want, not worrying about having to stop to take care of baby because they’re not distracting anyone. Doing what they can, at home, for themselves, so that a day doesn’t feel complete without a practice.

We love our new kind of Mama Circles, and how easy it is for moms-to-be and new mom to learn to give themselves the support, guidance, and inspiration we all deserve.

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