MAyurveda: Ayurveda And Living Foods For Mamas

with Jessica Jennings MS, Ma Yoga® Founder

As a new mom of a toddler I was exhausted, eating whatever was around, and feelingJessica Jennings Ma Yoga Living with little one like my body and my mind were a sad shadow of my former self. I had tried a bunch of diets but none of them really had lasting effects. My energy was super low in the afternoons and evenings and I felt depleted of all my reserves.

I decided I needed to focus on myself, and so dove back into Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old wellness system of India.

Everything changed!

I felt like someone had given me afternoons back. I was eating food that was nourishing without living in the kitchen, so my digestion got strong again. And I felt connected again to something bigger than myself and my baby.

Eventually, I pared down what I had learned for busy women in their childbearing years, and called it MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda for Mamas.

The oldest and most comprehensive health and wellness system still in use today, Ayurveda is 5000 years old and means “the science of life.”  Many of its simple practices we’ve never even heard of, but often soon become as normal as brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

This online training is especially crafted for yoga teachers who want to know how to take care of ourselves and our students off the mat.

As an instructor, we are seen as part of people’s health care team. It’s helpful to know answers to questions such as:

  • I’m not sleeping well. What can I do?
  • I am having digestive issues. Are there foods I shouldn’t be eating?
  • I want to have a baby. Is there anything I can do to get ready?
  • I had a baby and never fully recovered. How can I heal?
  • I have a lot of stress from my job and I don’t have a lot of spare time. What are the most effective ways to calm the nervous system?

In MAyurveda, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to use food and spices for healing, and to maintain vital wellness for you and your family

  • Your unique constitution so you can move toward balance and vitality with simple shifts in eating and daily routine
  • Simple but deep self-care routines called “Anchor Practices” that shift your energy back into your center, give you more energy, help you sleep better, and support your immune system
  • The natural daily rhythm that supports our physiology, so our energy stays steady throughout the day
  • Ayurvedic principles using women’s bodies as our model, to support ourselves, our students and our loved ones through menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood

Whether you’re going for your Prenatal Yoga Certification, or just interested in exploring these ancient but powerful practices –

please join us for our live online MAyurveda Class!

STARTS April 30, 2020

ONLY $297 by April 16, $347 after

Six weekly sessions – online, on the phone, or on video if you can’t make it live.
Thursdays 12:00pm-1:30pm PST


As far as the training went, I loved it! I loved the community you created. I loved the ease of the call downloading and the materials to follow along with. I liked all the suggestions. I feel like I really learned a lot. I really loved the daily routine plan and to hear how it works for you and how it was working for the others. It led me to some experimentation, and I felt like I really bonded with my boyfriend as we both tried some things together. So far, I am living in a new way because of you! These are all things that I wanted to do but always put off for another time. Your class really pushed me to implement them for good!
Laureene Sala
It was great to be able to listen and participate while taking care of my son and if I missed something I could re-listen to that part of the call on the recording. By adding a few of [the Anchor Practices] into my daily routine, I now have the extra energy to take care of my son without feeling drained.
Elizabeth Rooney
Something else impressed upon me from this past week and it is how much of our daily practice with the MAyurveda gets us back in touch with self care and self love–something as a new mom or working mom or mom of multiples… we often neglect, forget and fail to do. (Yup, I used the f-word!) And what a great way to set the example to those around us (to our children, to other women, etc…) by our actions.
Danielle Kitzes
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Mayurveda with you. Each class was so wonderful, spoke right to my level, and urged me into beautiful new territory. It was challenging in the best possible way. I’m inspired to continue my study of Ayurveda and I especially appreciate all of the resources you’ve given us. What a delight to be a part of it, and to find this nourishing and supportive community of girls! Life feels simplified, purposeful and healthy. I tried your Green Pancake recipe the other morning and Oliver (14 mnths) loved them. As did I!!
Narelle Payne
Not only I feel more energized, but also, I feel that my workouts have better results. I’ll explain; in addition to teaching yoga, I also teach fitness (indoor cycle, bootcamp, bodyblast) anyhow, whenever I taught more than 1 class a day in the past, I felt that the lactic acid produced during workouts was getting stagnated in the tissue. Which in turn left my muscles in a painful state. My western Dr. Suggested I exercised less. My chinese Dr. thought my spleen was not producing and moving new blood fast enough to flush the lactic acid out of the tissue. Well… with the cayenne pepper I have been teaching about 4 classes a day painfree!!!! I am just soooo amazed of the changes from the addition of this spice into my daily food intake. Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for this ayurveda course. I am planning to continue learning about ayurveda. I am so excited about it :)))
Dianne H
I’ve been following the Ayurveda daily time rhythm and its amazing how your energy shifts with it! Thank you for allowing your lectures to be recorded online. Even though I can’t be there during the live chats, it is nice to still feel apart of this class and to be able to learn the information and instill it in my life.
Jenny C
If I had to pick my favourite element of the whole Ma Yoga Certification program, I think this would be it! I knew NOTHING about Ayurveda before this series of online conference video calls. It just made sense to me. I loved that the structure (weekly video calls) allowed the knowledge to really sink in and for more research afterwards to be done. I loved the sense of community created. I loved having homework tasks for the week, being given the time to allow new things to be trialled and for new routines to be created. This knowledge has improved my own personal health and given me the resources to advise others. MAyurveda also has helped me to improve my family life – who knew that would happen!
Great course and very well paced! I felt empowered with basic knowledge to incorporate anchor practices and be more proactive on self care and self healing. And also to share my new experiences with family and friends.

The course broken down into digestible chunks along with the printable course books really helped me. Discussing during the sessions and the fact that the anchor practices are so tangible and accessible also helped.

Routines and anchor practices have been super helpful for me the past few weeks….Anchor practices that I’ve been setting up are helping me move forward into the unknown.

Jacki A
Jess’ MAyurveda course will change your life for the better! Once she helps you understand your dosha and she has helped you learn the Ayurvedic anchor practices you can slowly incorporate these healthful practices into your life!

As a working mom of a baby and 3 year old, I felt overwhelmed by all the anchor practices at first, but if you have a busy life, Jess can help you individually tackle each practice by adding them weekly or even more leisurely.

Before you know it you’ve incorporated all the anchor practices into your life and it’s such a small investment to do so! I especially liked all the Ayurvedic cooking and spice adding tips! My kids and I are eating so healthy now. Thank you Jess!

Kali N.
So the last two weeks, my win has been revolved around this overall feeling of …. feeling really good, feeling like I have found my new normal, feeling grounded again despite the chaos around me.

I know its because of the anchor practices…thank you.

Michelle P.
It feels good to take an active focus on my self care!

I finally tried oil massage before the shower this week and it really does make my skin feel amazing! The anchor practice that has been the most different for me to implement this week has been the neti pot. I have one and had used it only when I was sick, but doing it every day as part of my routine has been nice. I feel like I am breathing more clearly throughout the day.

In my prenatal yoga class tonight I shared with the mamas about anchor practices and establishing a daily rhythm and offered some suggestions that they could try and establish before their babies come. It felt good to speak about this topic feeling confident with all the knowledge I have gained in this class!

Chelsey S.
I am feeling better and was actually incorporating some of the suggestions for new mamas for my flu recovery and it felt really good. I especially loved the date smoothie.

Thanks Jess for all your great information but also your personal commitment. Its clear how much you care about your ladies.

Emilie C.
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If you’re a yoga teacher…

You’re probably busy. In addition to helping your students, MAyurveda can help you incorporate quick and easy routines to support you no matter how packed your day gets – without ever leaving home.

  • Do you know how to support your own vibrant wellness off the mat as well as on?
  • Do you have your own go-to practices that – no matter what’s going on – help balance your own constitution again?
  • Do you dream of being able to make an impact on people’s lives through a deep, powerful connection to nature – daily rhythms, seasonal practices, aligning with the moon and more?

I can’t wait to share what I call “Anchor Practices” – core habits of the yogi that keep us from getting burnt out, and help us maintain our connection to our highest Self whether we get to our mat that day or not!

Each call comes with an ebook filled with important information you’ll use forever.

Call 1: Overview Of The Universe

  • Fundamental Ayurvedic principles like the force of evolution, karma, the elements and the doshas
  • Meditations to experience these concepts on a visceral level
  • How to know your unique constitution and ways to eat to keep yourself balanced

Call 2: How This Energy Manifests As Your Body

  • The gunas – recognizing different constitutions by their characteristics
  • Physical and mental challenges you can start to recognize as imbalances of the elements
  • The human clock and how we move through daily cycles: optimal times to do natural actions

Call 3: How To Know When You’re Health Is Out Of Balance, And What To Do

  • Agni, the process of digestion
  • Ama, the result of non-optimal digestion
  • Solutions for imbalances for different constitutions, esp. digestive problems that can lead to disease

Call 4: Practical Application – Pregnancy

  • Energy of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts, with recipes
  • Foods that reduce acidity, heaviness, and acid indigestion throughout pregnancy and beyond

Call 5: Practical Application – Post-Partum

  • How to heal the body after labor and rebuild strength over the next year with food and daily practices
  • Best ways to support new moms, including which food and spices to use
  • Baby’s constitution and ways to resolve imbalances including gas and colic

Call 6: Practical Application – Kids, Menstruation, And Self-Care

  • Kids: preventing and fighting colds with spices and foods they’ll eat
  • Menstruation: pms and other imbalances; how (and why) to get in sync with the moon
  • Simple self-care practices that make a huge difference, easy ways to get living foods into your body that are fast and satisfying!

If you are drawn to know the keys to vital wellness, there’s a reason.

I hope you’ll follow your inner gps and join us!

Can’t make it to all the calls?

It’s ok if you have to miss some calls – all calls are recorded and can be downloaded after if you can’t be on live.

If you are taking MAyurveda to fulfill requirements for the Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification, you must attend at least four of the six calls live, OR post the weekly homeplay in our private group for four of the six calls minimum so we know you’re getting the material from the vids.

I do recommend you be live on the calls if you can, to get the most out of this transformative experience!

ONLY $297 early bird, $347 after that!

OR, you can register for the whole Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program and save $350:

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