When’s the last time you paused and pressed your “reset” button?

As busy nurturers of people and projects, if we don’t reconnect to our calm center:

  • exhaustion can become depression;
  • depletion can turn into long-term health issues;
  • discomforts can lead to chronic pain;
  • stress can expand into anxiety;
  • feeling cut off can result in disconnection.

The good news: with just a few minutes a day, we can reverse these trends.

It just takes a little practice.

post partum blues for motherhood
yoga program for busy moms

As a Member (a “Ma Yoga Mama”), you’ll have a Custom Program of online yoga that will help you:

  • Relieve your aches and pains
  • Strengthen your core
  • Find a sense of peace amidst any chaos
  • Listen to your inner guide
  • Share yoga with your baby
  • Keep energy flowing throughout your day
  • Have a body you love your body again!

Ma Yoga Mamas have access to:

Online Yoga for Moms

Full access to our ever-expanding library of mom and family yoga videos, and a weekly custom program based on your needs, desires and schedule.

Resources to Empower You

Whatever your questions may be, from breastfeeding to mommy moods to aches and pains, we have the easy-to-access guides and experts to help.

Supportive Community

Have a vision for yourself? Changes to make, a path to figure out? Our community has live Mama Shares, classes and experts to help you get where you want to be.

Hi I’m Jessica.

When I became a mom, I was shocked at how unprepared I was.

It wasn’t just about giving up weekend trips. It was giving up my old social life, showers, my sense of myself as someone who could complete a task.

And as a long-time yoga teacher, I never thought I would give up my yoga practice. But I just did not feel like I wanted to leave the house for over two hours.

ma yoga program for busy moms

I was too exhausted to talk myself through a yoga practice, and too busy to find time to meditate.

Eventually, I created Ma Yoga® to address the unique needs of mamams. Thousands of moms have now enjoyed this unique method of yoga that combines therapeutic alignment with strenghening, opening, and stress relieving sequences:

First, we’re taking care of another being who depends on us, and our time is not our own. We need SHORT practices of different lengths that fit into the “in-betweens”, and we need to be able to stop and start depending on whether baby needs us.

Second, it took us 9 months to get here, and it’s going to take about the same to start recognizing our body again. Meanwhile, we’re carrying baby around and bending over most of the day. We need a practice that takes into account what we’ve got going on physically, and helps us heal, build core strength, and re-align our body.

Our bodies are changing and it’s not about “getting the pose” – it’s about learning to trust what we feel. And we need to feel supported so we can make choices that feel right for us.

The Ma Yoga Program for Busy Moms gives you access to yoga, a supportive community, free programs and discounted premium courses to help you find your authentic wise, powerful, nurturing “Ma” Self again!