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Full Program

In this info-packed training, you’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of the journey to motherhood using alignment-based yoga as your guide. You will:

  • Feel confident adjusting regular poses for pregnant students
  • Know poses, themes and sequences specific to prenatal yoga
  • Dive into labor and how to use yoga to make it empowering
  • Have evergreen access 60 + pages of support materials in our member area, the Ma Yoga Living Room
  • Discover new career opportunities, whether you want to teach regular yoga or you dream of having your own “Mama Circle”
The Yoga of Pregnancy

Our bodies change so much throughout the childbearing years. Knowing how to help move toward the body’s natural integrity can be the difference between strength and freedom. With the “Five Sacred Steps” of alignment, you’ll be able to:

  • Relieve students’ pain in common poses like downward dog, cobra and chatturanga 
  • Help anyone find instant relief from common aches and pains including back, knee, wrist, neck, shoulder, jaw
  • Support healing fo birth-related conditions with yoga including infertility, back labor, pelvic instability and diastisis recti
  • Use the chakras for complete postpartum recovery
  • Become a powerful co-creator in your own life
The Yoga of Healing

The 5,000-year old wellness principles of Ayurveda (“the science of life”) are more relevant than ever before. MAyurveda is a body of knowledge that’s pared down, essential practices and principles to help women in their childbearing years incorporate powerful routines and rhythms into our busy day. In this 6-session, online training, we will learn how to:

  • Use food as medicine for you and your loved ones
  • Balance your constitution based on small shifts in your food, sleep, and daily rhythm routines
  • Incorporate powerful self-care routines that give you more energy, better sleep and digestion, and a stronger immune system
  • Create a daily rhythm that supports your natural physiological clock
  • Incorporate Ayurvedic lifestyle principles into your teaching to help students and clients make transformative lifestyle shifts.

Being in a supportive, nurturing environment is one of the pillars of transformation. In the Ma Mentorship, you’ll receive guidance on integrating all that you’ve learned, and taking the next steps in your teaching. Our Senior Certified Ma Yoga Teacher Trainer will help you:

  • develop go-to sequences that you can use and build on
  • incorporate alignment instructions in your teaching to make sure each pose is as transformative as possible
  • deal with aches and pains in class with simple verbal adjustments
  • write personal themes to inspire your moms and moms-to-be
  • become a safer, more effective, and more powerful teacher, and make a bigger impact on your students’ lives
Ma Mentorship

In this 6-session, live online labor education course you’ll learn about all the choices and challenges around labor and postpartum. Taught by two highly experienced doulas and Certified Ma Yoga teachers, this will help you know what you are preparing for: potentially the most empowering experience of a lifetime. By the end of this transformative experience, you will know how to:

  • navigate the stages of labor using breath, meditation, asana, and mudra tools
  • understand the pro’s and con’s of choices all moms-to-be have to make them
  • prepare for the work of labor so you can move forward feeling confident
  • access the power within you, far beyond what your mind thinks you have
  • recover and thrive postpartum and as a mom
The Yoga of Birth

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