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I’m so glad you’re here! If you’re drawn to supporting women on the journey to motherhood and beyond, you’re in the right place.

After years of doing weekend prenatal teacher trainings, I realized the 18 months around birth are so much more than pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

Ma Yoga Living Founder Jessica Jennings pregnantWith the right kind of support and guidance, the journey to motherhood can be the journey to our highest Self, or “Ma.”

As teachers, we can provide practices and principles so that women can experience two beautiful births: the birth of their baby, and the mom to this baby.  

Whether you want to create your own “Mama Circle,” or you just don’t want to stress when a pregnant woman walks in the class, you’ll feel confident providing support and inspiration for moms-to-be.

Our onsite and online trainings can be taken for Ma Yoga®/Yoga Alliance RPYT prenatal yoga certification, or individuallyMa Yoga Prenatal Certification for continuing education.

The comprehensive, 85-hour Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program provides the broadest and most effective training in yoga for women in their childbearing years available today. It includes both off the mat and on the mat practices for pregnancy, labor, postpartum and motherhood – and kids too, as well as principles for healing, wellness, and radical vitality for motherhood and beyond.

Below are the trainings in the 85-hour, Yoga Alliance-registered Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program. They may be taken in any order for certification: 

  • Prenatal 1: The Yoga of Pregnancy and Postpartum Weekend Training
  • Prenatal 2: The Yoga of Healing for Women Weekend Training
  • Ma Mentorship: One-on-one work with a senior Certified Ma Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda for Mamas live online course
  • Labor Education: either a doula training you take on your own, or our live online course, The Yoga of Birth
  • Class writeups: if you are not close to Southern California, you can watch Ma Yoga classes online at www.MaYogaLiving.com

To find out when and where we are offering our Prenatal 1 and Prenatal 2, just go to our Calendar.

If you’re not in the area, we would love to come to a studio near you and offer Prenatal 1 and Prenatal 2! For details about how to make that happen, please connect with Jessica at teachertraining@mayogaliving.com.

In whatever form – a free Prenatal Dreams and Visions call with me (schedule yours here), an individual training, or the whole certification journey, I am so excited to support you on your path as a yogi, a teacher and the Ma Goddess that you are!

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In this transformative training, we use birth as our guru to understand more deeply the process of co-creating life itself. No pre-reqs or even desire to teach is required. You will:

  • Explore the five Ma Yoga® alignment principles to become confident teaching to any trimester, in regular yoga as well as prenatal yoga classes
  • Learn theming to help guide and inspire moms-to-be to find their highest Self, or “Ma”
  • Receive sequences and principles for Mom + Baby Yoga and Preschool Yoga
  • Understand the business of teaching prenatal yoga, and the pro’s and cons of different options for teaching
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Our bodies change throughout pregnancy and postpartum – not just day to day, but moment to moment – so knowing how to help people get out of pain and discomfort is extra important during this time. You will receive all the tools to confidently:

  • relieve common aches and discomforts, including back, knee, wrist and shoulder pain
  • address conditions specific to pregnancy and postpartum such as infertility, back labor, pelvic instability and diastisis recti
  • support postpartum recovery using the chakras as your guide
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The 5,000-year old wellness principles of Ayurveda (“the science of life”) are more relevant than ever before. MAyurveda is a body of knowledge that’s pared down, essential practices and principles to help women in their childbearing years incorporate powerful routines and rhythms into our busy day. In this 6-session, online training, we will learn how to:

  • Use food and spice as medicine for you and your loved ones
  • Balance your unique constitution based on small shifts in your food, sleep, and daily rhythm routines
  • Incorporate simple but deep self-care routines called “Anchor Practices” that give you more energy, better sleep and digestion, and a stronger immune system
  • Create a daily rhythm in your household that supports your family’s natural physiological clock
  • Incorporate Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and principles into your teaching to help students and clients make small but transformative lifestyle shifts.
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This nurturing one-on-one, two-month program provides the support for you to integrate all you’ve learned from Prenatal 1 and 2 into your teaching. We will help you be:

  • more comfortable using alignment principles and themes to help pregnant women feel shift physically and emotionally into possibility
  • an even more safe, effective, and inspiring teacher than you already are
  • clear on how to use the feminine, co-creative principles in our own practice, your teaching and your life
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In this 6-session, live online labor education training we dive deep into labor, learning about all the choices women make and becoming familiar with the language and practices used in hospitals today. If you are a doula or practitioner or you would prefer to take a doula training, this training is not required for certification. This In the process we will learn to use yoga poses, meditations and murdras to:

  • cope with the physical and emotional challenges in each stage of labor
  • prepare so you can stay connected to your power no matter what arises
  • recover during postpartum
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