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Pregnancy is change. Change is stress.

Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga is a safe, effective way to relieve the stress that comes from so much change.


Relieve aches and pains and stay strong so you can carry your baby, inside and out.


Get essential information and access your inner gps, so you can make choices that are right for you.


Receive support from birth experts, parenting educators, and our whole community.

Ma Yoga Living Jessica Jennings Prenatal Yoga

Hi I’m Jessica.

If you’re like me, you expected to be blissed out when you got pregnant.

Instead, you have a whole list of worries, concerns, to-do’s (and don’t-do’s) and fears about things have happened, and things that might happen.

We’re not alone! More than half of all pregnant women report increased anxiety and stress.

And we know that stress is the #1 cause of negative birth outcomes (preterm and low birth weight).

So what to do?

prenatal yogaAs a prenatal yoga teacher, I saw how much a single practice can do for moms-to-be.

Nausea reduced, physical discomforts relieved, and emotions calm and happy.

But by the next day – back to the status quo.

I started encouraging my students to do yoga at home – even 5 minutes a day. It was hard for them without guidance, but when they did a few poses they told me that it helped a lot: their body felt better, they were calmer, and even their husbands said they were nicer to be around.

So I set out to make it easy for people to do short practices at home.

Our teachers make it easy for you.

We have had over 10,000 mamas enjoy our Ma Yoga classes in Southern California.

yoga pregnancy program
Now, we make video practices available in our ever-growing library, so you can safely and effectively:

  • release your worries and stress
  • align your body so your feel better physically
  • strengthen your muscles
  • open your hips for labor
  • learn to breathe through intense sensations
  • connect to your baby and your body lovingly

yoga pregnancy program

There’s no better time to develop a home practice.

Your little one will learn to move, to eat, even how to think and breathe by watching you.

Are you ready to be your highest, most authentic Self for both you and your baby?

Ma Yoga Mamas have access to our inner power, wisdom, and nurturing energy – no matter what arises.

What makes Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond so special?

  •  Ma Yoga is alignment-based prenatal yoga, which means it helps us create a strong, spacious container for baby, relieve pain, and find stability
  •  Ma Yoga was developed to address the specific needs and discomforts that arise at each point in the journey, from fertility through the trimesters into postpartum and motherhood.
  •  Ma Yoga began as a hospital group prenatal visit program, and took off as teachers got certified and created “Mama Circles” at more than ten locations in Southern California. It’s tested and recommended of OB/Gyn’s, midwives, and thousands of mamas.
  •  Ma Yoga includes breath and meditation practices, which help us relieve anxiety, get clear and find that space we want to be in for labor.
  • Ma Yoga is about community. It’s based in the idea that it’s ok to need each other, especially during this time of life. When we feel held in a container, like a caterpillar in a crysalis, we can spread our wings.
  • Ma Yoga helps us prepare for labor and motherhood, and enjoy the journey!