The Evolution of Ma Yoga’s Online Yoga Zoom Room

I received an email from a mom-to-be looking for prenatal yoga in Tokyo. The email read,  “I’ve read about Ma Yoga classes, she said. Are there any here?”

I told her I wished there was a way we could send a teacher over.

I believe so strongly in the support, alignment, and education that moms and moms-to-be get in our classes, I imagined going myself. But I had a toddler, and traveling for long periods just wasn’t in the cards. 

Cut to: March 2020.

The Coronavirus threw us all into a tailspin, forcing us all to figure out new ways to do what we do. Yoga teachers everywhere hopped on Zoom.

I had actually been teaching one-on-one sessions on Zoom for a while, so it wasn’t hard to make the transition. One of my clients travels a lot, and our therapeutic yoga is what keeps him out of wrist and shoulder pain – he can even play tennis. Doing our sessions online means he never has to miss one.

I had even asked my teachers to do some practice classes on Zoom as way to add live classes to our Ma Yoga Living membership. Problem was, we had trouble getting people to sign up. For a lot of people doing yoga online seems weird – until they see just how easy and effective it is.

Due to necessity, we all moved our entire schedule of Prenatal Yoga, Mom+Baby, and Ma Yoga for Anyone classes online. It was only an experiment – a temporary way to handle the enforced social isolation rules.

And… we all fell in love!

In some ways, we felt even more connected to the students in our Zoom classes than we do in person.

Maybe it’s something about not having the distractions of being in person, all the “shoulds” that come with showing up somewhere that isn’t your home.

Possibly being able to have our little ones with us, running in and out, talking to them if necessary but not worrying about disrupting class because you’re on mute – is a great gift to busy moms.  

Whatever the reasons, live online classes fit right into our philosophy:

Ma Yoga is about the ways yoga can and must change for women in their childbearing years.

Not only is there an emphasis on engaging core power, but there’s an awareness that sometimes we don’t get to put ourselves first. We are responsible for other lives and this means an hour of serene quiet time is just not going to happen for most of us.

So in Ma Yoga, we find ways to connect to body and breath each day. We put our mat down on the living room floor, and get a downdog in in between feeds and at the end of naps. We lie in bed with eyes closed before we get up and do pranayama. We do bridge lifts with toddlers sitting on us.

The experience of being on Zoom teaching women in their own living rooms, sometimes in pajamas, often coming from a feeling of isolation into connection – is just so Ma Yoga.

Yes, we’re not face to face. But we move and breathe together in the middle of our busy day, we chat and share and support each other before and after, and for all of us together to dive into our own feminine wisdom, power, and nurturing energy – it’s my own vision for a global Ma Yoga finally born into the world.

I only wish I could find that mom in Tokyo and send her a Zoom link.

Try a free live class in your own living room! Our schedule of online Prenatal Yoga, Mom + Little Ones and Ma Yoga for Anyone is available here


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