Zoom with an Expert: Postpartum in Covid Times

with Dr. Jeon, UCLA Pediatrics

Isolation, Anxiety, Recovering from Traumatic Births – and that’s Postpartum Without Covid!

Being a new mom is far from easy. Postpartum comes with so many challenges including:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Loss of the usual ways we nurture ourselves because of lack of time and ability to leave home
  • Emotional issues around birth – 1 out of 3 moms say birth was traumatic
  • Anxiety – now surpassing post-partum depression as the most common negative emotional challenge

Add in the limitations of Covid, and there’s the added challenge of not being able to have help come over, whether that’s Lactation consults, postpartum doulas, family. We know it takes a village – how can we get the support we need?

Dr. Jeon, a Pediatrician at UCLA, led us through a great discussion, with topics like:

  • What are the best kinds of thermometers?
  • When is a temperature a fever?
  • What are remedies for colic or gas, and what’s the difference?
  • What are some was to stay positive?
  • When are video visits useful, and when is it time to come in?
  • How can a postpartum doula be safe right now, and what do they do to help?

Enjoy this presentation about postpartum and the Q&A after!

If you’re a mom or pregnant, please don’t accept loneliness, isolation, or giving up nurturing your body.

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