Everyone Needs Their Inner Mama

You don’t have to be pregnant to connect to your inner wisdom, power, and nurturing energy.


Relieve aches and pains and get strong so you can carry your baby, inside your belly and out.


Access your inner wisdom, so you can make the right choices for you and your family.


Get support from birth experts, yoga teachers, and parenting & lifestyle educators. 

inner mamaHi I’m Jessica.
I want to tell you a secret.

Most people come to Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond when they’re pregnant.

But they stay because it’s so much more than prenatal yoga.

Ma Yoga is about learning to change the challenges of birth – and all of our life transitions – into opporutnities to rediscovering our own power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.

With a little guidance, inspiration and support – we can all find our inner “Ma”!

Whether you’re a Dad, a Grandma, or someone who choose not to have children, inner mama ma yoga livingthe Ma Yoga community is here to support you on your path. Ma Yoga is about letting our own moms off the hook and choosing to become that loving, stabilizing force in our own lives.

Whether you’re pregnant with ideas, a new vision for your life or a baby, the process is the same. We can learn co-creative principles by simply coming to understand how we can support nature as it creates life.

Whether you are busy nurturing children, projects, or other people – you are probably depleted, stressed, and needing a way to squeeze in rejuvenating moments into your busy day.

To do this, we need a routine. Simple as that. Rather than spend energy making the choice, it just needs to become part of our day like brushing our teeth.

And, if we haven’t done even a 5 minute practice it’s really hard to find our authentic center when we’re in a tough conversation, making a difficult decision, or losing it because it feels like everything is falling apart.

If we did manage to squeeze in a quick practice that day we’re more likely to be able to stay clear, grounded, and make choices that help us manifest what we deeply desire.

Ma Yoga Living offers prenatal, mom, family and kid yoga practices that can be done anytime, anywhere!

 “Ma” refers to so much more than just how a kid refers to their mom. In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, it’s the highest, most powerful and most loving energy there is.

inner mama ma yoga livingOur Ma Yoga teachers share new yoga practices every month so you can experience your highest, most creative Self – mama or not!

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Yoga. Education. Community. Support.

  • Full access to our video library of prenatal yoga, mom yoga, family yoga and kid yoga, expanded monthly by our highly trained, Certified Ma Yoga® teachers. Our practices are for any trimester, body shape, and experience level. They’re made for raw beginners with options for more experienced yogis.
  • Deep discounts on courses like Birth Class and Breastfeeding Essentials, as well as downloadable programs like I CAN Core Strength for Post-Baby Bellies, Ma Morning Meditation & Power Program and 5 Minutes to a Happy Back.

  • Membership in our private to Ma Yoga Mamas Facebook group where you can connect to prenatal and mom yoga teachers as well as birth experts, parenting and healthy lifestyle professionals, and lots of other Ma Yoga Mamas.
  • The Pregnancy and New Mom Care Package gives you tons of helpful resources that will make things easier for you, like 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor, Our Favorite Items to Make Things Easy When Baby Comes, and lots more – all easily accessible in our member area.
  • Ask Dr. Shosh gives members the opportunity to connect with Dr. Shoshana Bennett, world-renowned expert and author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies, and ask any questions from “Could this be PPD?” to “How can I handle my anxiety?”


    Yoga is a helpful, safe tool to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression throughout pregnancy.  – Harvard Health Publications

What our Mamas love about us:

“Thank you for all the great classes, it was really excellent to feel strong and confident throughout pregnancy, knowing that I could make it through an intense yoga class kept me from being afraid to exercise and really use my body the whole way through.”
Liza C.
“Prenatal yoga helped a lot with the normal aches and pains of pregnancy. I felt myself getting stronger and overall feeling much better each time I went. It was also very soothing for my nerves and helped me deal with the general stress of being pregnant.”
Kristin L.
“I just wanted to drop you a line and express my gratitude for the confidence you’ve inspired in me as I approach labor. Your class was like a lifeline, with your words of wisdom echoing through me as I approach the big day and beyond!”
Angie W.

How Ma Yoga changed the lives of these students:

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