Ten Ways To Reconnect With Yourself

how to reconnect with yourself

As a new mom, what do we give up?

Besides our sleep, productivity and social life, we often leave behind showering, eating, and sleeping regularly. We can even lose our sense of ourselves as someone who can complete a task.

It’s no wonder so many new moms feel disconnected from ourselves and isolated from the world.

For me, being intentional about what happens in the “In-Betweens” made all the difference. The In-Betweens are the moments when the baby’s happily playing or sleeping, and we find ourselves fed and rested and able to do actually something. What we fill these few moments with can be the difference between lostness and fulfillment.

I recommend you do this Values Wheel Exercise:

  • Make a list of seven things that matter to you, like connecting with friends, being intimate with your partner, working on a creative project, exercise, etc.
  • Try and tap into at least each one or two each week.
  • If you do, you’ve done amazingly well as a new mom. You are aligning with your heart’s desires, and your life is moving in the right direction. Don’t worry, it will start moving there faster before you know it!


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How To Reconnect With Your Inner Self

1. Call someone.

Call someone you have not seen for a while and ask them to come over and hold your baby while you shower or talk a walk. They will probably be thrilled, and baby will experience an expanded but still loving universe.

2. Rest when baby sleeps.

This bears repeating: don’t worry about sleeping when the baby sleeps. If you fall asleep, great. If not, closing your eyes and lying there will help with healing and recovery.

3. Meditate.

The first few weeks after giving birth, we’re running on adrenaline and we feel like we can give forever. After that, we can really crash if we haven’t been receiving. Especially if it’s hard to take naps, it is really important to press the reset button for your nervous system.

Meditation is a profoundly deep, revitalizing rest for the mind and body. Learn how to do it in just 5 minutes with the Ma Meditation & Power Practice Program.

4. Change your definition of productivity.

Instead of having a to-do list for each day, write it for the week. Pat yourself on the back if you have gotten a few things done.

5. Take a few moments to be together.

It is tempting to hand your baby over to your partner as soon as they get home. Stick around and connect as a family.

6. Find a mom buddy.

A mom buddy is someone who will be interested in hearing that your baby finally pooped- and what color it is. Find one, and call each other.

7. If you’re breastfeeding, freeze a bottle a day.

Eventually, each one will mean two hours of freedom for you. A pedicure, a yoga class, maybe even a date night.

8. Talk to an expert.

Login and click on the Ask Dr. Shosh badge to get answers to your mommy moods, and how to know when we need a bit more help.

9. Do mom yoga.

When we breathe and move, we align again with the power, wisdom, and nurturing energy that’s always flowing through us. Try a free Mom Yoga class in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room.

10. Remember, every stage gets easier.

Being a mom is a long, step by step journey to waving goodbye as they go off to their lives on their own. It sounds depressing, but it can be useful to remember that every stage requires less from us. Enjoy it, mama!

Print out my list of 10 ways to reconnect with yourself.  


how to reconnect with yourself