Don’t do abdominals, don’t do twists, and definitely don’t do a strong practice that would make you sweat.

Over the years, I saw how we need our strength when we’re pregnant maybe more than any other time: when else are we carrying an item around that weighs as much as a bowling ball, 24/7?

But it wasn’t until I asked myself, “What is the unique opportunity that pregnancy – and prenatal yoga – offers us?” that I fell in love with teaching it.

Pregnancy is a doorway for so many women to our Divine Feminine Self. The part of us that is more intuitive, feeling our way forward, listening and allowing things to unfold.

Yes, we can just keep going with our practice and our life changing as little as possible. And we can have perfectly healthy babies, and be wonderful mothers.

But there’s an opportunity we have during this time to slow down, and turn inward. And when we do, what we find will change us forever.

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