Happy Back Practice

What if 5 minutes a day could keep you pain free and moving freely?

The Happy Back Program can help you:

  • Walk and sit and play without pain

  • Know that if pain arises, you have rescue poses to help relieve and heal it

  • Understand how slight shifts in how you drive, sleep, and stand can keep you feeling amazing!

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What is the 5 Minutes to Happy Back Program?

jessica jennings ma yoga living founderHi I’m Jessica.

Happy Back is a simple morning movement practice plus a training in basic alignment I created to help you feel great and stay out of pain – especially if you’re carrying a little one, inside or out.

I originally developed this quick practice for myself when my daughter was born, and I found myself with only 5 minutes here and there to do yoga.

This easy practice helped me make space, relax tense muscles, return to my natural curves, kept me mobile and pain free – especially for those early days when that’s all the exercise I could do!

healthy back practiceWhether you’ve never done yoga before or you’re a yoga teacher, whether you’re pregnant or a Grandpa, Happy Back will give you simple, repeatable alignment actions that you or a someone you care about can do to help:

  • keep the pain away and stay mobile and relaxed all day
  • relieve pain from twinges to “my back is out”
  • find opportunities like sitting at the computer, sleeping, and driving to make small shifts in your alignment and keep your back happy!
Hey Jess! I really like the stretches. I’ve done the Happy Back video the past 2 mornings & it feels AMAZING when I’m doing it. I’ve been trying to stand with my butt back more. It feels funny, but I know it will just take some time to get used to. I havent done any long walking, but I’m curious to see how it will feel then… I’ll let you know. Thank you for being so so helpful!
Danielle L.

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Why Carrying a Baby Inside or Out Can Hurt Us

As a Kinesiologist and alignment-based Yoga Teacher, I help people get out of pain almost daily. Pain often creates lots of emotions – fear that it will stay like this healthy backforever, anger at ourselves for doing this AGAIN, and sadness at what we can’t do now.

When I reassure people that they have the power to relieve their own pain they often don’t believe it.

I hear a lot of reasons why they have their pain, and why there’s nothing they can do:


  • I just sleep weird
  • I work at a desk all day
  • I have something wrong with me (bone spurs, slipped disk, scoliosis)
  • I did an x-ray but there wasn’t anything there
  • I had surgery/an accident/an injury once
  • I have fused vertebrae
  • I’m just tight
  • I’m just too flexible
  • I’ve been to (chiropractors, physical therapists, bodyworkers) and nothing helps long-term

I tell people that it’s good to know, but no matter what has happened in the past they can either be getting worse, or getting better. Why not make yourself feel better, even a little bit, right now?

You see, back pain is not a mystery. The reason we have back pain is simple: compression. We’ve lost space in that area and things are getting squished.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why this happen, and ways that this can show itself. But when it happens we call it a misalignment. 

In a healthy body, things flow with ease – circulation, communication channels, and in yoga, prana (life force). Pain is when this flow gets blocked, or stops flowing correctly.

Here’s a way to understand how things get blocked and we get back pain: the spine is like a beaded necklace, with flat beads that fit perfectly on top of each other when it has its natural curves.

When we lose these natural curves – whether it’s because of physical habits (like sitting with rounded back), beliefs or ideas we learned (like flatten your back), or stress (tightens deep pelvic muscles) – we create compression. Those “beads” – or vertebrae – squish together creating tension in muscles nearby and overstretching others; squeezing the cushions in between; and pressing on nerves.

Oddly, pregnancy and motherhood – two of the most natural things the body can do – bring us OUT of our natural alignment. Our pregnant belly pulls on our pelvis; carrying and breastfeeding baby pulls on our shouders; and even bending over and looking at this adorable creature rounds out all our curves and creates compression.

So what can we do?

Over the years, I witnessed many people getting out of pain by going to a yoga class. But often, by the next week, the pain was back. When people added in only 5 minutes a day, they could even skip yoga and stay out of pain.

The lesson for me was this: a little a day is more effective than a lot once or twice a week. If you could feel better, move freely, and avoid the ocassional flat-on-your-back catastrophes in five minutes a day, would you?

healthy backThe truth is, the 5 Minutes to Happy Back Practice does more than align your spine. It shifts your awareness. You notice you’re slouching and sit up – not because you “should” but because it feels better. You pick baby up with an extended spine, you sleep in the way you’ve learned – all because the old way just doesn’t feel as good.

I’ve done the happy back practice each day since for almosts a week. (well, all but the downward dog… I was too afraid to try it until today)….it’s helping. Today was a good day for my back. Much less pain and less constant. I’m hopeful for another good day tomorrow!
Fatimah S.

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Ma Morning Meditation & Power Practice
5 Minutes to Happy Back

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The 5 Minutes to Happy Back Program Modules:

    Understand WHY the Happy Back practice works, and how a simple shift back to your natural alignment can make all the difference in your comfort level.
    What to do when your back seizes up, including simple Rescue Poses that jumpstart the healing process.
    Takes about 10 minutes while you’re learning it, but you can do it in 5 with the PDF. OR, take your time, repeat some of your faves or stay with them longer, and enjoy your freedom to move!
    Apply what we’ve learned to our most common poses: sitting, standing, and sleeping.
  • Step 5: WHAT’S NEXT?
    We talk about why core strength is so important, and offer resources to help you get it.

Find freedom. In Five.