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Join Jessica Online for the
I WILL – Ideal Weight/Ideal Lifestyle Lab ONLINE

 January 13, 2021

11:00 AM- 12:15 PM

I WILL is a self-paced, 3 step program for busy people who want to eat healthy, lose some extra weight and have more energy.


The Ideal Weight/Ideal Lifestyle Lab (I WILL) is a program for anyone who wants to learn ways to:

  • EAT – get nourishing food into your body quickly and easily
  • SLEEP – sleep deeply
  • GET ENERGIZED – learn the when, what, and how of eating to stay energized all day
  • GET HEALTHY – stop getting so many colds, reduce inflammation, improve digestion
  • LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DEPRIVATION – love your body and have a body you love
  • NOURISH YOURSELF – model a good relationship with food and your body for your loved ones

Get yourself off the hunger/satiation cycle. Learn simple eating routines to help you get to YOUR ideal weight – your way.


Join us for the I WILL Lab



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