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The Empowering Birth live online class is for you if you:

  • are nervous about how much labor hurts, and whether you can do this
  • want simple coping techniques to help things move along with less pain
  • are not sure what choices you’ll have before, during, and after labor
  • are not sure the pro’s and con’s of the different options
  • don’t have time to go to a live, local class
  • want you and your partner to be a solid team – partners join free!


The Empowering Birth live online class will help you feel:

  • calm, by giving you non-judgmental pro’s and con’s for the choices around childbirth, and helping you figure out what’s right for you and your family
  • powerful, by providing useful techniques for connecting to your inner and outer strength, and ways to cope with the intensity of labor
  • supported, by helping you create a solid birth team as well as being part of a nurturing group – so you can create an empowering birth experience you’ll remember forever!


Empowering Birth is six live online sessions
Starting Wednesday October 2nd at 6:00pm PST

If you have to miss a session – no worries! You can watch the video and stay up to date with the practices you’ll be doing during the week.


What You Get With This Course:


  • Six live sessions online (or on your phone) with your Empowering Birth teacher


  • Six eCoursebooks to learn with and use as a reference throughout your journey


  • Breastfeeding Essentials, a self-paced video course to prepare you for a beautiful, bonding, breastfeeding experince

  • Practices you can do at home to help prepare you and your partner


  • Access to our private members-only community with birth and prenatal yoga experts as well as lots of other mamas, so you can know you’re never alone


  • Your partner is welcome to take the course with you for free


  • Free Pregnancy Care Package, with tons of helpful resources for moms-to-be including birth plan and birth intention guides
  • If you miss a call, the recording will be available within 24 hours so you can keep up – and all course materials will be accessible in our member area, the Ma Yoga Living Room, until you’re a mom and beyond


  • Access to our Ask Dr. Shosh program with Dr. Shoshana Bennett, who will answer your questions about mommy moods and postpartum depression

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