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Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator

My Yoga Tip To Prepare for Birth

Melanie Wachsman Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula As a birth and postpartum doula as well as a breastfeeding educator, I have come to use yoga as an essential part of preparing moms-to-be mentally and physically for birth. My goal is to empower women with the skills to manage pregnancy and labor, and have an easeful transition to motherhood.

To me, birth as a human rights issue. It is essential that each woman is connected to the power in her body and birth experience. I love this community that provides a space for women to share what they feel comfortable with, and learn fact-based information on pregnancy and birth so they can make choices that are right for them.

Ma Yoga® is first and foremost a supportive community of women, which is what drew me to teach here. We are a family. I love seeing the students connect and make meaningful relationships with each other in our live classes, and now online. When we feel supported, we can connect to our inner resources.

We have so much to teach and learn from one another. It has been a pleasure to be a Ma Yoga instructor since 2013, and now a Ma Yoga Living instructor!

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When I told a friend that my lower back started hurting, she recommended prenatal yoga. I found Ma Yoga online and started taking Melanie’s classes virtually. Wow, my lower back rarely hurts anymore! The knowledge she shares about how certain poses help this or that during pregnancy is useful, too. I also appreciate the chance to hear what other pregnant participants are experiencing at the start of each class. I’m so glad these classes are available virtually since it’s not easy for me to drive these days without feeling some disequilibrium.

– J.P.S. – 5 star review on Yelp

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