How Two Minutes of Daily Meditation Can Change Your Life

Was there a time in your life where finding an extra two minutes was a breeze? Most likely. But that was before you became a mom. Before finding the time to eat, sit down, or even brush your teeth was a daily struggle. You may be wondering if you’re  ever going to find time to sit quietly, and find inner silence in the middle of the chaos of motherhood.


Well, here’s the good news! You don’t need a designated area, or a large chunk of time away from your baby – you don’t even necessarily need quiet. And let’s not even all it “meditation.” Meditation is a heavy word, and one that we tend to overcomplicate. Instead, think of it as a daily routine of simply slowing down and accessing your inner resources.


While it sounds small, allowing ourselves a daily routine of just two minutes to sit and breathe can be life-changing.  It’s not just calming – it’s the difference between a day full of putting out fires and checking off tasks, and a day of being in awe of the magical way the universe seems to rise up to support us.


This little morning practice can help us to see our children with less of our own desires and projections for them – and more for who they truly are and what they need, right now.


Ready to give what we call the Ma Power Practice a try?


Recall the power that moved through you during labor? How you had to give it space and let it do what it was there to do – bring new life into this world? That power is in you now as it was then. Taking the time to just sit and breathe helps you to tap into that same power.


We call these two minutes our “Power Practice.” That’s because this time is all about remembering that we have the power to choose where we place our attention. And if we can harness this power, we can learn to co-create our lives with it.


When you’re ready to begin, set a timer for two minutes. I like the Zen Timer app (it plays a lovely chime when your practice is complete), but you can use the built-in timer on your phone, or any timer you have on hand.


Sit comfortably on your bed, the couch, the floor – whatever works for you in the moment. Start by breathing in through your nose, and exhaling out through your mouth twice as long. Do this three times.


Then, notice your thoughts. The key to the Ma Power Practice is instead of being lost in thought, or trying to “clear your mind,” gently bring your attention to the space around the thoughts. Notice the space between, beneath and all around your thoughts. This is the context it’s all happening in: awareness itself.


Allow yourself to become spacious. To float in awareness. Rest like in those moments before you fall sleep. Know that if you let the thoughts go for now, they’ll come back if they’re useful. Let them float by like clouds in the sky. Stay here for as long as you need.


Once you practice is complete, you should feel relaxed and recharged.


When starting out, try not to be too hard on yourself! The brain makes thoughts – it’s just what it does. When you find yourself planning, worrying or judging – bring your attention lovingly back to the spaces in between your thoughts.


Need Some Guidance?


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