Coronavirus: Go To Prenatal Yoga or Mom + Baby, Or No?

Being pregnant or a new mom is known to cause anxiety. Add in Covid-19, and it can feel overwhelming.

Of course, yoga is great when we want to feel more calm, clear and grounded – especially when we’re pregnant.

But should we go to prenatal yoga and risk catching or spreading it?

Of course, I can’t answer that for you – that’s a personal choice between you, your family, your healthcare providers and your government officials.

That said, yoga gives me insights into how to make difficult decisions when I don’t have clear directives.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about in case it’s helpful to you:

  • Educate and meditate, as my friend and Ma Yoga teacher Melanie likes to say. Read the science. Listen inward. Then, see where the two overlap. Once you know the facts, go with what feels right for you.
  • Use every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Now is a great time to buy your own props, so you can bring your own to class. Order a Mexican blanket, a block, and of course a mat (a bolster is great for restoratives if you can afford one). If you decide to go to class, put all this in a big bag with some alcohol wipes and stay super sanitary.
  • The links above are just the cheapest I could find – definitely shop around though!
  • Energetic connections matter. Do namaste hands instead of hugs.
  • Hope for ease, prepare for challenges. If you’re quarantined at some point, you can do prenatal yoga with our amazing teachers right in your living room. Stay strong, relaxed, and feeling good no matter what – try it for 2-weeks free here.

Whatever you decide, yoga is always there for you when you want it.

As far as our Ma Yoga classes are concerned, we are here for you online:

  • Each week we have a full schedule of Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga and Ma Yoga for Anyone in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room
  • Your first class is free
  • After that, become a member and get 40% off
  • As a member you’ll also have access to our Ma Yoga Anytime searchable library of classes as short as 1 minute and as long as an hour – for wherever you are on your journey!

Lastly, if you are feeling afraid, here is some advice from me. Love the part of you that’s afraid. Hold it. Be extra kind to yourself. Drink tea, take baths, slow down, meditate, turn off the radio, connect with loved ones.

Trust in the strength of your prana – this is when your yoga path pays you back in spades!

Should I go to yoga during coronavirus