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4 Natural Nausea Remedies

4 Natural Nausea Remedies I spent most of my entire first trimester on the floor because of nausea, watching my husband renovate our bathroom. Naturally, I remember loving it there - it was just my happy place. If you’re feeling out of it, and finding yourself staring at the open fridge wondering what you wanted - I want you to know that’s

4 Prenatal Yoga Tips for Yoga Teachers

In this quick video, Colleen and Jamie share 4 Prenatal Yoga Tips for teachers so we can make sure we are guiding, supporting,and inspiring our moms-to-be as much as possible. Also, grab your free ebook, The Yoga of Pregnancy for Teachers! Above are three prenatal yoga tips from Colleen Hieber and Jamie Hanson, both amazing Ma Yoga® Teachers and Teacher Trainers.

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Easy Meditation for Moms

Easy Meditation for Moms and Busy Nurturers of People and Projects Step Out of the River Whether you're a new mom whose life is in chaos, or a mom-to-be running from doctor's visits to Target, or just someone who's super busy, it's easy to live life from task to taskfor days on end, without connecting to our big picture.

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Finding Community Through Prenatal Yoga

My experience with prenatal yoga went way beyond the physical. I found myself transforming from a very self-centered person to an open book ready to receive all the love and support from my new community...

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

My Ma Yoga Teacher Training Experience

While my family and I were living on the small island of Bermuda, I completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Italy in August 2016. Completing my training made me realize this was just the start of a journey and there was so much more to learn and develop. As a highly knowledgeable and experienced school teacher, I had to leave my ego aside, leave my comfort zone, and not listen to the doubts and fears about not being good enough to teach yoga...

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Benefits of Yoga For Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

One of my great joys is watching pregnant women emerging into motherhood as they go through my Prenatal Yoga and into Mom + Baby Yoga classes. There are so many fears and concerns for most women...

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3 Tips For Writing A Birth Plan

Birth Plan Tip 1: Learn about your birth place’s policies Before writing your wishes down, make a call or go online to see what's already in place. Your chosen birth place might surprise you by already being on the same page about something that matters to you...

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Meet Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., Postpartum Assistance Expert

Internationally recognized as a leading maternal mental health expert, clinical psychologist Dr. Shoshana Bennett has inspired and transformed countless lives worldwide through her radio shows, books, lectures, interactive tele-classes, consultations, and videos. Affectionately known as “Dr. Shosh”, she educates, engages, and empowers her audiences...

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Meet Lauren Horn, Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor and Ma Yoga® Teacher Trainer

Ma Yoga Living Instructor Lauren Horn Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor, RYT-500, RPYT I discovered yoga in 2003 with the intention to relieve chronic low back pain and it worked! Since then I have experienced the benefits of yoga at all stages of life; as a single woman, in marriage, during pregnancy, and now as a mother...

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Meet Linda Eifer, Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor and Mom Yoga Specialist

Ma Yoga Living Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher Linda Eifer Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor I’m a native of Los Angeles, mother of two, and more recently, a yogi. I joined the Anusara community in 2000, began teaching yoga in 2004, yoga for pregnancy in 2007. I draw on experiences, family, my students, and the natural world for inspiration in contemporary life...

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Uncovering The Divine Feminine

Uncovering the Divine Femine Discovering the "Ma" in my prenatal yoga teacher training journey. I recently embarked on my journey to become a Prenatal Yoga teacher with Ma Yoga, and participated in the Yoga of Pregnancy and Therapeutics for Mamas teacher training programs. Throughout the course of both of these beautiful weekends, I uncovered several truths. I discovered truths...