• First trimester nausea

4 Natural Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Natural Pregnancy Nausea Remedies I spent most of my first trimester on the floor, watching my husband renovate our bathroom. I remember loving it there - it just became my happy place. If you’re feeling out of it, and basically spending your first trimester on the couch or wherever YOUR happy place is, don't worry. It's totally norma. The first trimester isn’t

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  • Playing Small or Choosing Highest Self

Are You Playing Small or Choosing the Highest?

When we become conscious of a choice (and many choices that we make throughout the day are automatic, like make the coffee, wake the kids), we can choose to act in the “highest” way.  What is the highest way? It is simply acting in the most life-enhancing, beautiful, nurturing, wise and powerful way...

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  • easy meditation - healthy habit for moms

Easy Meditation for Moms

Easy Meditation for People who Hate Meditating Whether you're a new mom whose life is in chaos, or a mom-to-be running from doctor's visits to Target, or just someone who's super busy, it's easy to run from task to task for days on end, without connecting to our big picture. If you've tried meditation and decided it wasn't for you, ask yourself this:

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  • easy green smoothie recipe hack

EASY GREEN SMOOTHIES: 6 Reasons To Love Them

There’s nothing better than starting your day off with an easy green smoothie. All you need are leafy greens, fruit, spices, plant-based protein, and water to concoct your own creation. Full of important vitamins and minerals, green smoothies pack a healthy punch to help keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. These are just a few of the reasons why they’re one of my go-to snacks as a busy mom...

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