Who We Are

Our community of prenatal and mom yoga teachers, birth professionals, healthy lifestyle educators, and parenting experts help bring Ma Yoga® to life for moms and moms-to-be all over the world.

Our Team &
Our Supporters

Our team’s greatest passion is in helping pregnant women and new moms transform the many challenges of motherhood into opportunities.

Our supporters, micro investors, and community contributors also play an important role Ma Yoga’s success. Your generosity and encouragement have helped us create a place of peace and wellness for our members.

Our Teachers

Ma Yoga brings together a dedicated global team of health and wellness professionals. We’ve combined our experience and knowledge to create a unique prenatal and mom yoga practice that has helped over 10,000 Ma Yoga mama’s in Southern California alone stay strong, calm, and pain-free. Our senior Certified Ma Yoga teachers have over 100 years of prenatal yoga and doula experience between them.

Ma Yoga® Offers Local Prenatal
and Mom Yoga Classes

Discover the opportunity to meet your fellow Ma Yoga members in person for a live practice and “mama circle.”


About Our Founder


Jessica Jennings is a yoga teacher, wellness coach and teacher trainer. She created Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond in 2009: an internationally registered prenatal yoga school and  tribe of professionals that loves to provide guidance, inspiration, and support for pregnant women and new moms.

As a new prenatal yoga teacher in 2001, Jessica began to see prenatal yoga as a time of possibility, when we can learn to transform the challenges into opportunities to become the “Ma” we want to be.

Jessica is proud of the amazing team of teachers who help bring Ma Yoga to moms across the world, and the way that with just a little guidance, support, and inspiration, mamas can have an empowering, growth-filled, super fun journey to motherhood and beyond.

About Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy,
Motherhood and Beyond

Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond was founded in Southern California in 2009.
With more than 10 locations in Southern California, the word spread fast. Moms and moms-to-be wrote from all over the country – and even across the world – asking for a “Mama Circle” near them.

That’s why, with the help of the Ma Yoga teachers and their community of experts, Ma Yoga Living brought our inspiring classes online in 2016. Now, women who don’t have prenatal yoga classes near them, or can’t afford them or the childcare they’d need to go, can enjoy the benefits of Ma Yoga from their living rooms.

A Home Practice Can Change Your Life

If you are experiencing stress and worry during or after your pregnancy, know that you are not alone!

More than half of all pregnant women report increased anxiety and stress. Pregnancy and motherhood come with great changes, and with those changes comes increased stress. You may be worried about the birth process, preoccupied with planning for your new baby, or stressed about how you’ll cope with motherhood and all the responsibilities it comes with.

That’s why Ma Yoga is here and dedicated to empowering you with tools, simple practices, and foundational principles you can incorporate into your daily routine to let go of stress and come from authentic, loving power instead. Our online classes have changed the lives of mothers from around the world.

Ma Yoga Mamas get full access to live, online yoga classes for pregnancy and postpartum motherhood. You can also unlock health and wellness programs to learn how to prepare the body for breastfeeding & labor, nurture your mind with meditation practices, relieve back pain and recover after labor, and  much more. We are here with you for the entire journey through motherhood, and fully dedicated to helping you find wellness and inner peace.

Ma Yoga Mamas have access to our inner power, wisdom, and nurturing energy – no matter what arises.

vibrant wellness for moms and moms-to-be