A Pregnant Woman Walks In. 1st Prenatal Yoga Tip: Don’t. Panic.

4 Prenatal Yoga Tips for Yoga Teachers: What To Say, What To Do, and What To Do and What Not to Do

Seriously, there is a lot of fear around pregnancy, and we don’t need to make it worse by worrying when a pregnant woman is in our yoga class.

Nature is powerful – like a waterfall – and it’s really hard to change her direction.

Think about it. If we could jump away a pregnancy, we would have a whole bunch of different kind of clinics, right?

That said, there are certain ways to guide, support and inspire pregnant women that are more effective than others,and help her feel safe and cared for.

Above are three prenatal yoga tips from Colleen Hieber and Jamie Hanson, both amazing Ma YogaTM Teachers and Teacher Trainers.

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Ma Yoga Living 3 Prenatal Yoga Tips for Yoga Teachers